Pet visits in Cockermouth and surrounding area

We visit your pets in your home while you’re away and ensure they are properly cared for.

Leaving your pets at home for a holiday or a short break? We cover an absolute variety of pets, fury, feathered or scaled. Cats certainly prefer being in their own home and probably on your bed when you are not there! 

Wildlife in the garden will miss you too when you are away. We can top up feeders and eagerly expected treats to keep them happy and coming back.

We can move hutches around the garden to fresh areas of grass and check the weather forecast. Even those with a small holding might need a day off or two, three….

Our visits cover feeding, cleaning, medication even a photo update! Would you like to borrow a timed feeder? Not a problem.

Not only can we keep an eye on your pets but also your property. Ask about extras such as watering your garden.

Our fees (from 1st April 2022):

Cat and small pet visits at your home:

From £8.50 (Weekend visits +50%)

Journeys outside Cockermouth will incur additional costs for time & travel. Please enquire.