Dog walker in Cockermouth and surrounding area

Dog walking from your home or workplace can be for a number of reasons. Mostly for those who work and like their dogs to be taken out for some fun and embrace the Cumbrian elements. It maybe perhaps just lunch/medication visit and a toilet break. Transportation is kept to a minimum if at all, multiple collections can create unnecessary stress. We prefer to make the most of the fresh air and walk straight from your front door.

Unexpected circumstances can arise due to an accident/illness or hospital visits. Sometimes a recovery period is needed when you can’t walk your dog and need to rest that dodgy ankle! Exciting, up and coming events can suddenly arise and you and realise that your dog needs some attention too! For longer periods away from home please refer to Dog Boarding.

dog walker in cockermouth
Dog walker in Cockermouth

Walks and visits can be planned around your daytime schedule. There are options of time and duration you can choose from, availability allowing. This will be discussed at our initial meeting.

All walks are assessed for the safety and enjoyment of your dogs including the general public. Dogs will be kept on the lead unless written authorisation is consented by the owner/s. Socialisation is fun and fantastic for dogs although we will see who is compatible. Just like us humans they have their preferences too!

Our fees (from 1st April 2022):

20 minutes  £8.50

30 minutes  £12.50

1 hour          £25.00

Outside Cockermouth travel prices will be reviewed and adapted according to the pending weekly fuel price increase until stabilised.

Additional dogs from same family save 50% (maximum 3 dogs)

Weekend/Bank holiday visits 50% charge extra.

Pack walk or personalised care?

Here at Catherine Pyatt Petcare Services we believe in the personal touch, which is why we choose not to walk your dogs in big packs. There are a few reasons for this:

One is obviously safety – we want to be able to keep an eye on the dogs in our care and make sure we know where they are and what they’re up to at all times.

Another reason is socialisation. Many dogs love to run together, but others don’t. Your pet probably doesn’t live with a big pack of dogs so we don’t want them to get overwhelmed by constantly changing playmates. We give them lots of one-to-one attention instead.

By limiting the number of dogs we walk together, we can also control any social situations so that everyone has fun. Dogs’ natural pack hierarchy means that the timid fellows can get picked on while the dominant characters can be bullying, and even those who were friends one day may not like each other the next. By keeping our walks to one, two or three dogs, we can stop any disagreements happening.

Cockermouth dog walkers
Dog walkers near cockermouth

And then there’s the issue of other dog owners. We hate it when unknown dogs that are off the lead come running up to our four-legged friends but if we’re in a small group it’s much easier to deal with. We can also ensure our dogs are supervised and won’t go running off in search of an exciting smell, or swoop on an unwilling playmate.

We take our health responsibilities very seriously. We make as many checks as we can with regard to vaccinations and walking dogs as individuals or in pairs means we minimise the risk of day-to-day infections too.

We also don’t transport lots of pets in the same vehicle – something that’s particularly important on warmer days. Our time on the road is kept to a minimum.

If you have any questions about our pack walk policy, please don’t hesitate to ask.